NB Provincial Team for 2016-2017

NB Provincial Team for 2016-2017

Synchro NB is now in the planning stages for our Provincial Synchro Team (s) for the 2016-2017 season. This opportunity is open to National Stream athletes and we are hoping to provide more information for you and your family.

This past season, our Junior team of 10 girls (including 2 alternates), was chosen by invitation only. Selection was based not only competition results and skills, but also practice attendance, and dedication to the sport.

Some additional items that swimmers needed to consider included:

  1. Team NB routines would be in addition to the local club’s routines.
  2. Commitment to all practices, sometimes twice per week as training evolved throughout the season. (practice location(s), day(s) and time(s) to be determined)
  3. Commitment to all competitions as determined by the coaches, including Qualifiers, Nationals and possibly other invitational meets.
  4. Team athletes must contribute a fee to cover a small portion of the team budget. This fee is will depend on the provincial funding and Synchro NB budget. This included registrations, suits, goggles and caps, and a few other small incidentals. Athletes travel expenses, as when competing with your local clubs, continued in the same format. In 2015/16, Synchro NB covered the majority of costs affiliated with the NB Team, including coaching expenses (salary and travel costs).
  5. TeamNB coaches were responsible for all athletic development and team decisions.

If you are a National Stream athlete, of any age, and interested in becoming a member of the Team NB, please speak to your Head Coach at your local club. This will not only help us to determine who is interested for the coming year, but also to build and expand in the years to come.

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