Day Five in Russia-Team Canada is Blazing!

Day Five in Russia-Team Canada is Blazing!

Hello all!  Kazan is getting hotter, in the pool and out.  No but seriously… the deck is blazing:-)
Another solid breakfast that has featured pizza as an option for the last three days!  This makes the athletes super happy!  Our cafeteria official (who we don’t have a name for yet) is there every day with his blue pants!  He has become a staple to our every day trips to the Tennis Academy.  The athletes got on the 8:30am bus to go with the coaches for team execution, while Jadine and I hiked to find an open grocery store.  Now I will be honest, the food in Kazan is amazing and the staff have been awesome, but our athletes never stop eating.  Snacks are a must.  So off we went to find some!  During our trip I got a message from Jenn “Renata is here!  4 hours sleep and an Epic Birthday Celebration it was!”  Oh to be 20 again!  With food in hand we got on the 9:30am bus and got there as the team was finishing their preparation for our shared spacing with Japan.  I ran out to the hall and got the new wifi code and fought with my computer to get everyone the Day 4 update.  I was in quite the panic because I know there are early birds that wake up and read the update by 5:30am your time (DVP!).

Japan and Canada had a great shared spacing.  We got into a friendly debate with Nikita about using digital files instead of CDs.  He said that CDs were “safer”.  There was a pretty big giggle when he had to hand us our duet CD back because of a scratch!  The spacing was another HOT one!  The athletes did a team full, Prattastic did halves, Halandily (which is the beginning of Halle, the beginning of Andee, and the end of Emily) did halves and a whole.  With Japan and Canada battling it out for clearest patterns and best sharpness we gathered some attention again.  The athletes kept the energy up all the way through another whole swim, which ended our time with a bang.  Best last figure of the competition is what we have decided!  Thank you Denise Sauve for your inspiration and choreography.  #GoCanadaGo  We went down to the dive tank and for the first time all week, we had to fight for space.  Tregale had to put her elbows up a bit because another Head Coach (who will remain nameless….lol) stole her spot!  #JWCDrama  We did a full figure training session in preparation for tomorrows figure draw.  I’m feeling Aurora and London, Jenn is feeling Ibis and Jupiter, and Kasia is feeling Manta Ray and Butterfly. I mean…. one of us will be right.  Man Man has no feeling and Jadine has thought it will be Aurora/London since Qualifiers!  Sheilagh Croxon told me it would be Aurora/London back when Ontario drew it twice in a row for Provincial Champs!  HAHA  We shall see tomorrow at the manager’s meeting 3:00pm our time!  At the end of training we booked it out of there on the 1:30 bus home.

The athletes had another great lunch.  Pizza was featured again as one of the choices and it seems to be a hit!  Don’t worry there is other great food and all athletes are eating well.  Halle is in charge of monitoring food groups during meals:-)  #captaingoals  Lunch was quiet due to the wifi and there was also a Stage 5 Food Crisis!  They ran out of the good juice!  Perhaps this is due to Canada filling up bottles because the small glasses are not enough and then teaching the other countries the secret!  The staff has figured it out and thinks it is pretty funny that these women can drink so much and that they love the orange juice in particular:-)  There will be more tomorrow!  There was also a Stage 5 Coach crisis.  Jenn forgot “Penelope” at the pool.  For those of you who don’t know, “Penelope” is Jenn’s purple S’well bottle.  The bottle was named by the Aqaubelle 13-15 athletes who started a tradition that now has seen all the bottles receive a name.  Mine is Don Pedro:-)  These bottles are expensive and worth every penny because they are amazing.  Renata to the rescue!  With a text to our incredible attache I swear within minutes we had the bottle back!  AND Renata arrived wearing our shirt!  She took a selfie with the team and a picture with the coaching staff because we seriously can’t get enough of her.  She is actually the best! #ourattacheisbetterthanyourattache  After lunch the athletes had a break and Jadine, Renata, and I went to another grocery store.  We bought even more snacks as well as a bottle of this red stuff and this white stuff:-)  The grape juice in Russia is delicious.  On our trip to the store we ran into Team Mexico and Team Japan.  Everyone is loving the city of Kazan.  We learned more about Renata on our walk including her study at university in the area of economics, which will hopefully lead her to a job in Saint Petersburg.  We also told her that when we host a Junior Worlds 2020 (nudge nudge Jackie and Lisa), that we want her to come and volunteer on our organizing committee!  And just for the record TPASC is on board (we may or may not have already surveyed Rafael- lol)

With The Fun Sponge trying to redeem herself, she gave the athletes the afternoon off.  This of course is a coaching trick….shhhhhh don’t tell the girls.  Schedule a double that you know can be turned into a single session if required and then do that and be a hero!  HAHA Jennifer Tregale was a hero today.  The athletes were thrilled!  Now lets get real here…… an afternoon off for them is not like you and me!  The athletes took a rest then gathered back in our lounge area at the residence for their “Own It” video analysis.  They worked for over an hour and did 3 rotating stations.  The drum roll please………. Team percentage went up by 12% and the biggest improvement from swim one to swim three was Sion with an 18% increase in corrections made!  #accountability #OwnIt  It was probably good that Sion got the best improvement because she was in trouble with her roomie Halle last night!  Tsk Tsk!  I would say it is never a good idea to be giggling or even worse….. belly laughing with your roommate when you are in the room next to the Boss!  These two veterans got a bit of the boss side eye this morning! #checkyoursurroundings #thecurfewisreal #wewerejustbrushingourteeth  While the video analysis totals were being gathered, Boss Tregale went down to move the laundry over.  Well #fail because she filled it with water again! So we now have our clothes hanging in our humid room.  They will be dry next Thursday:-)  We can’t all be good at everything!  Remember this update is all with love!   The athletes then completed an incredible (and much needed) roll out session.  They have been working so hard this week and their rest and recovery has stayed at the top of the coaches priority list!  Kasia, Jenn, and Manny were all “in there like dirty shirts”, making sure that every athlete got the help they needed during the session.  The girls rolled out for about 30 minutes without any of them feeling like it was too much time.  Arms, legs, backs, bums, calves, feet, shoulders, hips… I mean the list goes on.  #inspiring #hardwork #giveandyouwillget #blowourmindsdaily #truechampionstakecare #restandrecovery

Also throughout the afternoon there were more Stage 5 situations.  Audrey cut herself shaving, but the team would have made you believe that she needed 7-12 stitches!  Physio Katie didn’t even need to give her a band aid!  Also Paige can’t swallow pills so her Cold FX had to be crushed.  Manny had to literally coach her through taking her meds.  Manny coaches a mean Airborne Split and is an incredible bang bang coach, but now we also know that she can coach a medication intake:-) Dr. Wu to the rescue!  All skills are important skills!  Man Man had a busy coaching day because she was also able to negotiate some shared spacing with China for tomorrow.  The only problem…. we still haven’t found San Marino!  This mysterious nation is MIA, but when we find them we hope to get them in our spacing party!

After our busy, but swim free afternoon, we all went over for dinner.  We thought “lets go right at 7:00pm because some teams are still at the pool”.  Well…… everyone else had the same idea.  The place was packed!  An aggressively long line made our hungry bears nervous, but it was fine!  A longer wait than usual, but at the end there was still pizza! LOL  On the way to the pool Jenn was attacked and bit a few more times by the mosquitoes that seem to only like her!  Thank goodness for Katie’s bag of ailment cures!  Jenn is loving the After Bite!  Slovakia was kind enough to give up their table so the coaches could sit and eat!  Thank you!  During dinner Paige (who truly thought this to be update worthy) put all her corn on one fork.  If you want to see this magic you can request to follow the triplets_updates on instagram!  Obviously there is some great stuff! HAHA  During dinner we also saw the wonderful team from Japan all come to say thank you and bow to their coaches.  This is a lovely gesture and certainly cultural, but also noticed by our athletes.  There was some doubt that our girls would ever clear our plates, BUT…. Emily, Paige, and Audrey (the triplets) did just that!  #notjustsynchroswimmers  So sweet!

We came back for a land drill session which involved some great “mind on and body on” work.  With the meeting for the schedule done, the athletes were off to bed!  Coaches too, as it was a long day:-)

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Until next time!
From MOE and the Rise of the Phoenix JWC2016 Team

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